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This one by negativefeeling This one :iconnegativefeeling:negativefeeling 2 0 Droplet by negativefeeling Droplet :iconnegativefeeling:negativefeeling 1 0
My review about... The Sandman Vol 1
My review about... The Sandman Vol #1
Lord Morpheus
by negativefeeling
Lord Morpheus has left his throne.
His wills were discarded like useless limbs
while the subject who made the tricks
to trap him dances his victory dance.
Lord Morpheus, Sandman, has lost his crown.
The Ruby from his hands was truly gone
as well as his magic dust that he kept
in a tiny sack in which it would never end.
Your cape, Lord Morpheus, has been thrown
away by the hands of the stupid mortal
who laughs and laughs without knowing that
the vengeance would be cold served.
Keep planning, Lord Morpheus; meanwhile
this ignorant still rejoices himself in laughter
ignoring that you will always be younger
than he ever was, yet older and wiser.
Lord Morpheus will patiently wait until
a crack on time appears, having the chance
to escape from the crystal jail he's trapped in
like and animal he is not.
Lord Morpheus will take his payback someday.
Soon he will flee, the curse on you he'll place.
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Bigger Picture
Disclaimer: I do not own Mass Effect or any of the characters here portrayed, they belong to their creators. I just took them for a while to practice my writing skills.
Bigger picture.-
by negativefeeling

John woke up with a scream. The eternal night on the skylight window showed him that he, as well as Earth, were just tiny grains of sand in that humongous space. The vision of it all was calm and alluring, like the sea when the water makes ripples on the surface and their eventual waves. He tried to imagine his small planet among those stars he could see.
But there was still something that bothered his heart.
"Bigger picture made of small pictures. Too many variables".
The words still clear in his ears, made him feel dizzy and uneasy, almost to the point of throwing up.
"I... Made a mistake!"
And the salarian was about to fix it when he pulled the trigger. His destructive nature would surface in the most stressing momen
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Mature content
Run, Sammy, Run (part 2) :iconnegativefeeling:negativefeeling 0 0
In Memoriam
Mis recuerdos se reducen a un oscuro pasillo con dos lucecitas: una de ellas, al fondo, procedente de una puerta abierta con una solitaria bombilla que cuelga del techo. La otra lucecita está más cerca de la entrada y proviene de una puerta cerrada con cristales rugosos, como con escamitas, sucias e irregulares. Si te acercabas un poco, veías figuras cambiates como en un test de Rorschach, solo que nunca eran sólo blancas y negras, sino amarillentas y parduzcas. Ambas puertas se encontraban en la parte derecha del pasillo.
El olor viene después. No es desagradable, pero inunda el corredor. Es como un olor a friegasuelos seco sobre un suelo de losas de piedra con pintura plástica vieja que se caía a cachos dejando un regusto a yeso pasado y madera antigua. 
Y si me esfuerzo en recordar, recuerdo una casita baja con las paredes encaladas y la puerta de metal al lado de un descampado. Por las tardes, después de la merienda, mi m
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Mature content
Run, Sammy, Run (part 1) :iconnegativefeeling:negativefeeling 0 0

: I do not own COD: Modern Warfare 2 or any of their Task Force 141 characters, they belong to Infinity Ward. I just took them for a while to practice my writing skills. Expect some little sense in the dream part... It's a dream and I tried to keep it sensible, but, you know, dreams are not made that way. I myself had to learn to sleep in intervals and learnt to have quicknaps while working along with the Army.
I'm trying to be as accurate I can, but since I haven't got the game anymore I just can remember parts of it and for the more technical bits, I made some online research. So if you see something OOC, please tell me. Otherwise, enjoy and R&R!
Reviews are much appreciated.
by negativefeeling.-
Roach had learnt to sleep in the most strangest situations. At the first months of military training he felt so uneasy sleeping at the dorms that he couldn't keep his eyes shut, because of the loneliness emanatin
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What Dean knows
What Dean knows-
by negativefeeling
Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural or the characters here portrayed. They belong to CW and Eric Kripke. This is just a fan fiction to practice my writing skills.
Sammy dreams. Dean is awake, lying on the bed next to his brother.
It's been so long since they had a quiet night. Most of the times is either because himself or his younger brother have nightmares and shake in their sleep. The other wakes the troubled one up and checks if he's alright, and then both go back to sleep, once the fear has faded away.
Tonight it seems that everything's got back to normal. For once.
Dean doesn't want to move. He's comfy under the blankets of the cheap motel they're staying at this time. He didn't even care where the Hell they were in the country.
Sammy breathed heavily in his sleep. Usually he would snore lightly, but tonight it seemed that silence got him and decided that he would respect the silence reigning all over the place.
What D
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Carta a un escritor
Estimado Sr Velasco, 
No creo que mi nombre importe mucho, ya que soy como otros que se sintieron alguna vez maravillados por sus libros. Sin embargo, me gustaría ponerle una introducción personal para que sepa cómo le conocí:
El otro día me encontré en la librería de casa de mis padres (ya hace tiempo que dejé la casa familiar) un libro viejo con las pastas despegadas de las hojas, y en cuanto vi la portada lo recordé: Este libro me había tenido en vilo durante varias noches mientras intentaba desvelar el misterio de un secuestro. 
Recuerdo que mis padres me compraron este libro un sábado, mientras hacíamos la compra del mes. Tenía catorce años (¡ya dieciséis años de ello!) y aunque cogí el libro por curiosidad, al hojearlo me quedé prendada. ¿Y por qué? Porque toda la historia ocurría en un escenario que a mí me gust
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En el arbol... by negativefeeling En el arbol... :iconnegativefeeling:negativefeeling 2 2 Siesta by negativefeeling Siesta :iconnegativefeeling:negativefeeling 1 0 Family by negativefeeling Family :iconnegativefeeling:negativefeeling 4 2
Feeling Free
Disclaimer: I do not own Assassin's Creed nor the characters that appear in the game. They belong to Ubisoft. This is just a fanfiction to practice my writing skills.
Feeling free by negativefeeling.-
Desmond Miles was glad to be in Monteriggioni. He had seen the village so many times through the Animus, that it felt surreal for him to be walking in the very same streets of his long lost memories.
Every time he disconnected from work (aka the Animus 2.0), he rushed to the outside of the mansion so he could enjoy the peace of that warm italian villa.
They had arrived some weeks ago: Shaun, Rebecca, Lucy and himself. And from the very first time he landed his feet on Monteriggioni, he knew that he belonged there in some strange way.
He sort of knew where to step on, where to look at, what to look for. For him, it was shocking to see that the old majestic palace where Ezio lived once was ruined, with he balcony still crushed on the ground, the roof unattended and all the windows cl
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Dorado by negativefeeling Dorado :iconnegativefeeling:negativefeeling 4 0 Cocina diminuta by negativefeeling Cocina diminuta :iconnegativefeeling:negativefeeling 1 0



Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Always connected to the music, always listening and watching everything around me. People don't seem to notice me until they realize I'm drawing them. I take photos, I make drawings, I knit, I let my imagination fly away.

Negativefeeling is the feeling I always feel. Everywhere, anywhere.

Siempre conectado a la música, siempre escuchando y mirando lo que hay en derredor. La gente no se percata que estoy ahí hasta que se dan cuenta de que les estoy dibujando. Hago fotos, hago dibujos, tejo y dejo que mi imaginación vuele.

Negativefeeling es el sentimiento que me invade siempre. En todos lados, en cualquier lado.
Thank you to every stock artist who has provided me with inspiration and material to work with. Currently, I'm not showing any of my work because I lack of self confidence, however, I'm still at it. 

It's been so long from the first day I posted my first deviation in here. I was very excited to be a member of this community back then! Then things started to change and that leads me to nowadays. 

I'm glad there are still a lot of great artists around, despite of the large amount of "useless" posts I find everyday. I'm mostly a "watcher" and a "stalker" (or fave-and-runner, it's a little bit more positive) since I don't have the time to make a proper entry/deviation. I have seen many of my fave artists flee to other platforms (and I'm happy for them, actually), and others to develop into the artists they wanted to be. I just like to be in here, although I don't share as much as I did before. 

Sorry for the long hiatus, but don't expect me to be back soon to the active duty. 


Gracias a todos los artistas de material de referencia, vosotros me habéis inspirado y me babéis provisto de material con el que trabajar. Ahora mismo no puedo enseñar nada de lo que estoy haciendo por una falta brutal de autoestima y confianza en mí mismo, aunque huelga decir que aún trabajo en alguna que otra cosilla. 

Ha pasado un montón desde la primera vez que posteé mi primera deviation aquí. Por aquel entonces me sentía muy ilusionado de pertenecer a esta comunidad... Las cosas empezaron a cambiar (alguien se acuerda de los "altercados" de las policies?) y eso me lleva al día de hoy. 

Me alegra ver que aún hay un montón de grandes artistas por aquí, aun habiendo aumentado de manera brutal los posts "inútiles" (que no aportan nada) que me encuentro cada día. Sigo siendo un "observador" y un "acosador" (en el término de que sólo estoy por ahí dando faves y no comentando... la verdad que prefiero autodenominarme "fav-y-huye") porque no tengo tiempo para hacer una deviation decente. He visto cómo un montón de artistas se han ido a otras plataformas (y me alegro por ellos, de verdad) y muchos otros, convertirse en los artistas que siempre habían querido ser. A mí me gusta estar por aquí, aunque no comparta mucho de lo que hago, como hacía antes. 

Perdón por la espera tan larga, pero no esperéis que vuelva pronto al servicio activo. 

Take care,



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